Managing Fear Of Surgery – Five Useful Tips

Going under the surgeon’s knife can feel frightening and uncomfortable for many. Some fear is perfectly normal. The following tips can help you stay calm prior to any surgery, including cancer surgery.

  1. Talk to your surgeon about your fears. Often, some reassurance from your surgical team is all it takes to calm those nerves.
  2. Knowledge is power. Gather relevant information about the procedure from your doctor and other trusted resources. When you are well aware of what to expect, you may find that your fears do not co-relate with the actual risks posed by surgery.
  3. Practise meditation or deep breathing. Such practices can help you tap into your inner strength to face challenging situations.
  4. Talk to people who have undergone similar surgery. Their first-hand account can offer you much-needed reassurance.
  5. Visualize yourself a week or month post-surgery, leading a normal and healthy life. This will help you take things in perspective and feel positive.  See this article about finding happiness in cancer.

I hope these pointers help people in need of surgery to overcome their fear and undergo a successful surgery.

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