Debunking Cancer Myths – #2 : Biopsy Causes Cancer To Spread

Getting a biopsy is an important part of cancer diagnosis and treatment. However, many people believe that the biopsy itself can cause cancer to spread.

Sometimes, people seek medical care when the disease is already too far advanced, and a biopsy only diagnoses the cancer.

This would be the first time people learn they have cancer. When the advanced cancer inevitably progresses, some may erroneously attribute the deterioration to the biopsy, when in fact, it is simply the course of the advanced cancer itself.

Unfortunately, this false belief is one of the reasons people become fearful and delay getting tested and treated for cancer. Holding such a belief works against the patient and brings about more harm than good in the long run. In the case of cancer, early detection and treatment are key to improved outcomes for the patient.

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