“Smoking Is Not Cool” – Child Art

This post is an artwork by my 10-year-old son Samir. It is his effort to promote a world with no tobacco. Having seen and heard about the ill effects of smoking on my patients, he has become passionate about this cause!

picture of my son Samir doing artwork to promote "No Tobacco" for an article on drsurajmanjunath.com

9 out of 10 smokers try their first cigarette by 18 years of age.  By discouraging children and young adults from experimenting with tobacco in an attempt to appear “cool”, we can prevent more than one-third of cancer-related deaths in the world.

For those who are already into the habit of smoking, here are two articles to help them quit:

Cancer Can Cure Smoking – Yes, You Read That Right!

Top 10 Tips To Help Quit Smoking – An Oncologist’s Perspective

1 thought on ““Smoking Is Not Cool” – Child Art”

  1. Thanks Samir for bringing such a thought evoking art that is much needed among the youngsters nowadays! This is much needed for this generation sir! Wish you good luck Samir!


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