Happy Diwali – The Victory Of Light Over Darkness

Diwali, the ‘Festival of Lights’ is here! It is symbolic of the victory of goodness over evil or light over darkness.

A diagnosis of cancer can make it feel like darkness has descended on an individual’s world and that nothing can ever be the same again.

While it is normal to feel this way, it is also important to be aware that a cancer diagnosis is not all darkness anymore.

With rapid advances in medicine, a large number of cancers have high cure rates. Early diagnosis and intervention are key.

In the current time, cutting edge surgical procedures make possible the effective removal of varied cancerous tumours, while sophisticated treatment options in chemotherapy and radiotherapy ensure all traces of cancer are wiped out from the body.

Ongoing cancer research is continually churning out more effective treatments with less toxic side effects.

Today, we have a whopping 50 million cancer survivors across the globe. This is a huge milestone when compared to the past when a diagnosis of cancer implied certain death.

Considering the tremendous progress that has been made, the current era in cancer care can be compared to Diwali. The darkness of the previous eras is gradually being erased by the arrival of light.

Cancer is a tough battle to fight. As the body heals, the mind and emotions also need attention and healing. A strong will, positive mindset and spiritual orientation can certainly go a long way in helping patients cope and emerge victorious through their challenges.

If you or a loved one are coping with cancer, do keep in mind that darkness is a temporary phase. Much Light is available. You just have to choose to allow it in.

Wishing you good health, joy, peace and victory this Diwali!

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