What Does Smoking Have To Do With Stomach Or Colon Cancer?

Lung cancer is currently the leading cause of death due to cancer worldwide. Most people are aware that smoking causes lung cancer. Many are also aware that tobacco use (smoking, chewing, snuff) causes mouth and throat cancer.

But did you know that smoking can cause at least 15 different types of cancer?

Not smoking can help avoid

  1. Mouth cancer (including cancer of the lips, tongue, cheek, gums, palate and floor of mouth)
  2. Throat cancer
  3. Laryngeal cancer (cancer of the voice box)
  4. Cancer of the nose and sinuses (paranasal sinuses)
  5. Lung and windpipe cancer
  6. Esophageal cancer (cancer of the food pipe)
  7. Stomach cancer
  8. Liver cancer
  9. Pancreatic cancer
  10. Colon and rectal cancer
  11. Kidney cancer
  12. Urinary bladder cancer
  13. Cervical cancer (cancer of the uterine cervix)
  14. Cancer of the ovary
  15. Certain leukemias (blood cancer)

Tobacco is the single biggest preventable cause of cancer.

Giving up smoking is not easy. Here is a link to my earlier article on how to give up smoking –



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