Lighting The Lamp Within

Note by Dr Suraj Manjunath : This is a guest post by Haripriya Suraj. Haripriya is a wellness practitioner, author, and early childhood educator. As my better half, she has been my source of support and inspiration through our years together.

During a brief visit to Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road, I found myself thinking of all the people I don’t know personally yet feel connected to – those whose stories have inspired me in some way and whose lives have had a positive impact on me. Being someone who works with adults and children as a teacher and therapist, I love to observe and learn from anyone whose predominant job is to support other humans.

Right from the time I met Suraj, I have enjoyed learning more about his world – be it the stories of the patients he sees, his interactions with them, the surgeries he performs, his bonding with his colleagues, and the challenges and triumphs that are a part of not just the patient’s world but also the doctor’s.

And though our job descriptions are very different, I have to say stories from the medical world have enriched me and helped me grow in my own line of work.

As Diwali arrives, I also contemplate its symbolic meaning – the journey from darkness to light.

Anyone supporting other humans plays the role of a Light Bearer – a person who holds another’s hand as they walk through a dark place and guides them toward the light.

While this is easy to see, what we may not always see is that those walking through the darkness are often Bearers Of Light too – their stories inspire many to overcome their own struggles and discover the light within them.

Every single story involving a cancer survivor, doctor, nurse, hospital personnel, and the challenges and triumphs each experienced along the way has lit a small lamp inside me. On the occasion of Diwali, I wish to express deep gratitude for this privilege.

I wish you all a Happy Diwali. May the Light illuminate your home and heart and bring you infinite blessings!

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