How Far Will Your Doctor Go For You?

How far will your doctor go for you – some, it appears, will even go even halfway across the world!

Meet Dr. Vokwelly Evehe, a senior surgeon from Cameroon. When he advised his patient and friend of many years that he would require a complex surgery not done in Cameroon and would have to go abroad, he was taken aback when his friend responded that he would undergo the surgery on one condition – Dr Evehe must accompany him.

Putting his busy practice on hold for two days, Dr Evehe travelled all the way to India to offer support at a time of need.

He took special permission to accompany his friend/patient into the Operation Theatre, where he quietly observed the entire surgical procedure.

The picture above taken just after the surgery captures Dr Evehe’s smile at the successful completion of the operation.

Dr Evehe flew back the next day – back to his busy practice, but not after promising to visit again at leisure and inviting me to visit Cameroon some day.

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