Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

All the hospitals I trained in during my days of surgical residency had a common feature – an altar of Lord Ganesha. Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, where I did my surgical oncology residence has a full-fledged large Ganesha temple in its premises. We residents prayed or meditated there from time to time, seeking support from Ganesha to help us overcome the obstacles we faced. Side-by-side, the families of patients were also often in the same space, praying for the well being of their loves ones admitted in hospital.

Both the hospitals I currently work for also have an altar graced by Lord Ganesha, as soon as one enters the premises. And it is common practice for doctors, other staff, patients and caregivers to pause in front of the altar, close their eyes  for a few seconds and meditate upon the God before going about their day.

All in all, Ganesha has been an integral part of my career in medicine.

This Ganesha Chaturthi, here’s praying all obstacles on your path are dissolved. May you and your loves ones be blessed with good health, joy and prosperity!




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