“Can an Ovarian Cancer disappear without treatment?”

“Can an Ovarian Cancer go away on its own?” Mrs. Shalini was very distressed. She had come in for a consultation because an ultrasound scan done as part of a routine health check-up showed that she had a large ovarian mass. “Doctor, I have been scouring the internet about my condition. I came across a … Read more

Cancer Is A Diagnosis, Not An Identity

Once, at a social gathering, the host introduced a friend of hers to me and referred to her as a ‘Cancer Patient.’ I could see that being referred to in this manner made the woman uncomfortable. However, she seemed to know that the host didn’t mean to offend her. She took it lightly and said … Read more

When You Must Be Cruel To Be Kind

Note by Dr Suraj Manjunath : This is a guest post by Haripriya Suraj. Haripriya is a wellness practitioner, author, and early childhood educator. As my better half, she has been my source of support and inspiration through our years together. This post is based on a real-life incident.  “I need to speak to Suraj, … Read more

Is My Cancer Treatable?

Most people are overwhelmed when they learn they have cancer. Among the multitude of questions that start running through the mind, a key concern is “Is my cancer treatable?” This article gives a perspective into the meaning of “treat” and “cure” in the context of oncology. The goals of cancer treatment are to: Cure. Prolong … Read more

Debunking Cancer Myths – #2 : Biopsy Causes Cancer To Spread

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Getting a biopsy is an important part of cancer diagnosis and treatment. However, many people believe that the biopsy itself can cause cancer to spread. Sometimes, people seek medical care when the disease is already too far advanced, and a biopsy only diagnoses the cancer. This would be the first time people learn they have … Read more

Debunking Cancer Myths – #1 : Treatment Does More Harm Than Good

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Over the last few decades, treatment for cancer has evolved significantly.  Advances in surgery, anesthesia, radiation therapy, and systemic therapy (chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy), have not only increased cure rates but also substantially reduced side effects. Even then, compared to treatment for many other diseases, cancer care can be a long and difficult process. This … Read more