Breast Cancer In Indian Women – Is It Biologically Different?

this is an image of a pink ribbon on a background with a calendar showing the month of October. This picture represetns breast cancer awareness month and is used in an article on breast cancer in Indian women by Dr Suraj Manjunath

Breast Cancer is probably the most widely researched cancer, but most data comes from western countries. This article discusses some of the research work done by me and my colleagues on breast cancer in Indian women, and a few of the differences we were able to show.

All Cancer Was Removed At My Surgery. Why Do I Need Additional Treatment?

this is an image of a woman confused. It is used as a featured image to represent the questions after cancer surgery that patients have regarding need for further treatment. For an article by Dr Suraj Manjunath, best cancer surgeon/surgical oncologist, Bangalore

Common questions following surgery for cancer are:
If the cancer was completely removed, why do I need more treatment?
Chemotherapy and radiotherapy have side effects, and will take so much time – are they really necessary?
What if I opt not to take any further treatment?
This article discusses the concept of adjuvant treatment and why some people require it.