A Tribute To Cancer Survivors : Happy New Year!

Note by Dr Suraj Manjunath: Happy 2022! In this post, my wife Haripriya and I dedicate a heartfelt new year message to all cancer survivors. Haripriya is very passionate about cancer care and has been a major inspiration for my professional growth. She has also contributed several articles to this platform to support the cause.

A Tribute To Cancer Survivors

Dear Cancer Survivors,

As we ring in 2022, we raise a toast to your shining spirit!

It is no small task to carry a burden as huge as cancer.

You have found within you

– Strength to accept a challenging diagnosis,

– Patience to keep up with difficult and prolonged treatment, and

– Resilience to cope with uncertainty and complex emotions.

Others can only imagine what a roller coaster this journey has been for you.

Now that the storm has passed, do you see yourself in a new light?

You have surely discovered pearls of wisdom within you.

Take a moment. Give yourself a pat on the back for everything you have been through and survived.

When you share your story with others who are fighting a similar battle right now, you will give them much-needed inspiration to overcome their own challenges. Your story makes a difference…

Congratulations on making it through difficult times and three cheers for staying the course!

Here’s wishing you a fabulous 2022 blessed with peace, joy, health, and many more blessings.

Haripriya and Suraj.

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