A Memorable Year’s Journey – Thanking Readers And Contributors

This blog was started at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic – times of volunteer COVID duties at work, and lockdowns at home. In no time, it has completed its first year.  I am overwhelmed by the response to my blog and thank all my readers for your support towards this initiative.

The primary intention has been to offer resources, encouragement, and support to people undergoing treatment for cancer, cancer survivors, as well as caregivers.

Every time someone offered feedback, I invited them to contribute an article to the blog. Individuals from different walks of life – including cancer survivors, caregivers, doctor colleagues, and wellness practitioners – have shared their experiences and expertise on this platform. These guest articles have received particularly strong positive feedback and have enriched the blog with their diversity and alternate viewpoints.

Some others responded that they don’t really know how to write, while a few promised to write but have not yet done so. And all these are people who I know have valuable inputs to share with the world!

On this occasion of my blog’s first anniversary, I would like to invite anyone who has a helpful resource or inspiring story (related to cancer) to share it on this blog. You never know just how much your words could help someone in need.

If you feel inspired to write, please do get in touch with our editorial team at drsurajmanjunath@gmail.com. We will send you guidelines on how to proceed. When your content is ready, we will be happy to edit and publish your work, along with a link to your personal profile.

Thank you again!

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