What Shouldn’t I Eat After Cancer Treatment?

“Doctor, my cancer treatment is complete. Henceforth, what foods should I avoid?” “I had breast cancer. Should I avoid milk?” “Isn’t it better for my father to give up eating meat, now that he has recovered from colon cancer?” “I have stopped eating rice. I eat only millets now” The recurring theme in these very … Read more

Ray Of Sunshine

My work is full of adult interactions involving serious illness and complicated treatments – not the brightest or most cheerful of work environments. When a young child with sparkly eyes and a bubbly smile walked up to me and presented this card, it was a refreshing change indeed. An unexpected ray of sunshine in an … Read more

World Cancer Day 2023

February 4th was observed as ‘World Cancer Day.’ The global theme for this year was ‘Close The Care Gap’ – overcoming socio-economic barriers and making cancer care accessible to all. Manipal Hospitals held an awareness program on account of World Cancer Day. While I had surgery scheduled, and could not be a part of the … Read more