Short Meetings, Lasting Memories

This is an image of a morning glory flower in a post by Haripriya Suraj on Dr Suraj Manjunath's blog

Note by Dr Suraj Manjunath : This is a guest post by Haripriya Suraj. Haripriya is a wellness practitioner, author, and early childhood educator. As my better half, she has been my source of support and inspiration through our years together. In this post, she shares a memorable account of her encounter with a cancer … Read more

International Career Development Program: A Memory From March 2014, Phoenix

this is a picture from the Society of Surgical Oncology Annual Meeting 2014, showing Dr Suraj Manjunath with the office bearers of IASO and SSO

Exactly eight years ago (thanks to social media for bringing back this memory!), I landed in Phoenix, Arizona to participate in a unique initiative. The Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO), USA, in collaboration with the Indian Association of Surgical Oncology (IASO) had, for the first time, instituted a career development program to enable surgical oncologists … Read more

When The Giver Becomes The Receiver

This is an image of a greeting card given by acancer patient's daughter as a token of gratitude in a blog post by Dr Suraj Manjunath, surgical oncologist, Bangalore

Being a healthcare provider is a profession of giving. Giving treatment, time, advice, reassurance, comfort, and more is part of every doctor’s job. The cycle of giving typically starts at the break of dawn and goes on way past dusk, sometimes well into the early hours of the next morning. Every time my phone beeps, … Read more

Is My Cancer Treatable?

Most people are overwhelmed when they learn they have cancer. Among the multitude of questions that start running through the mind, a key concern is “Is my cancer treatable?” This article gives a perspective into the meaning of “treat” and “cure” in the context of oncology. The goals of cancer treatment are to: Cure. Prolong … Read more

Outstanding Contributors To Cancer Care : Marie Curie

This is an image of Marie Curie in an article on contributors to cancer care by Dr Suraj Manjunath, surgical oncologist, Bangalore

Marie Curie is a name that needs no introduction! A French physicist born in Poland, Marie Curie is well known for her pioneering work in radioactivity. She was awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 and another in Chemistry in 1911. She was the first woman to win a Nobel prize and the only … Read more